Collecting Barbed Wire

Here are a few links to important barbed wire collecting sites:

Antique Barbed Wire Society
Devil's Rope Barbed Wire Museum
Kansas Barbed Wire Museum

Stories and Articles:

Antique Barbed Wire Snags Collector Interest
Barbed Wire (from Bittersweet)
Devil's Rope Barbed Wire Museum Profile
Exhibit Untangles History of Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire Collection Donated to Texas A&M
Society for Range Management 2005 Barbed Wire Swap
Teacher's Guide for Lesson on Glidden's Barbed Wire Patent
Trading Barbs

If you'd like to have your website listed, or you'd like
your contact information listed for trading with other
collectors, please e-mail me

Here are some scans of my own barbed wire collection.
(UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- I'll update this page in the future to show the descriptive name of each wire and give more information about it)