Pictures from the 1970's
Special thanks to Anneta Cheney for providing these great pictures!

The first batch of pictures is from a bank picnic at Shell Park in 1970.
Faces shown include Anneta and Bob Cheney and their son Mike (who
grew up to work in the bank as a loan officer), Mike and Pam Tinley and
their daughters Pam and Diane.

The next batch of pictures is from the bank's annual
Octoberfest celebration.

One of the bank's softball teams from the late 1970's.  Names listed are to the best of my recollection.
Back row, left to right: Anneta Cheney, Pam Martin (?), Linda Ray, Becky Tucker, ?
Front row, left to right: Ann Kelley, Peggy Hooten (?), Connie Hornback

Anneta Cheney as Santa Claus for the bank's Christmas party
in 1976, seven months pregnant with her son Bryan.

Mothers showing off their new babies all born within 6 weeks from 1-15-77 to 4-1-77. 
L to R  Mary Brand and Mason; Debbie Taylor and Heather; Anneta Cheney and Bryan;
Linda Williams and Amanda; and Terri Koontz and Kelly.

Homecoming October 6, 1978 - Queen Ana Leyva, Escorts - back left - Kelly Koontz;
sitting, Orlando "Ditto" Hunter; right standing, Bryan Cheney.  Pat Bosch used this for a bank ad.



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